How-To: Seed Starting

Whether you’re starting from a seed or from a cutting, the Root Farm Seed Starting Kit is the perfect way to get you ready to grow in either the hydro system or felt pot.  Learn more in the video below.

From seeding to transplanting,
Root Farm has you covered

Starting seeds for hydro growing is similar in concept to traditional gardening, with a slight twist. Instead of using a seed starting soil, we recommend using the Root Farm Seed Starting Kit. This contains seed starter plugs that are made of a spongy peat moss material that holds its shape and form. These plugs can be transplanted into recirculating hydro gardens without worry that any loose particles will clog tubing or pumps.

Our Seed Starting Kit makes it easy to grow hydro!
The durable peat moss starter plugs make for easy seeding and transplanting.
Roots have an easy time growing through our seeding plugs.

To plant, simply place seeds into the dibble hole of the plugs and fill the tray with about 1/4 inch of water. If you have a plant that you want to take cuttings from, prepare your cuttings and then insert the stem into the dibble hole.

Once your seeds or cuttings are in place, put the tray under cool white T5 fluorescent lights or an LED grow light designed for seed starting.

LED lighting system.
Fluorescent lighting system.

Once the roots have reached the outside of the plugs and are growing into the water in the tray, your plants are ready to be transplanted. Gently remove the plug and carefully insert into a planting basket of the Root Farm Hydro Garden System.

While our plugs are specially designed for water-based hydro systems, they can also be transplanted and used with felt garden pots and growing mix.

Transplant your plants when roots have reached outside of the plugs and into tray.
Gently remove plug from seeding tray.
Insert plant into Hydro Garden planting basket.

That’s it for this article on seed starting! Explore more videos, tips and tricks at the Root Farm blog.