How-To: Base Nutrient & Plant Supplements

No matter what you’re growing, Root Farm has the nutrients and supplements to help your plants grow faster and stronger. Watch the video and read more below to learn more.

Give your plants exactly what they want

When you grow hydroponically, you need to add all of the nutrients that your plant needs in place of the soil. Some of the most important nutrients for plants are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Calcium.

With Root Farm liquid nutrients, we’ve made feeding your hydroponic plants as simple as possible, with an easy two-part feeding system.

Our Nutrient Solutions provide your plants with all the essential nutrients they need.

No matter what you are growing, you will always need to use the Root Farm Base Nutrient (Part 1) with a Root Farm Supplement (Part 2). This is because Calcium and Phosphorus are both very important nutrients for your plant, but unfortunately they don’t play well in solution together. So, we separated them.

Our Root Farm Base Nutrient contains the calcium that your plants need, along with other essential nutrients. And our Root Farm Supplements contain phosphorus and other important nutrients as well.  The supplement you use will depend on the type of plant you’d like to grow. Choose from Root Farm Tomato & Veggie, Fruit & Flower, or All- Purpose Supplement. When the two parts are mixed with water, they provide the key nutrients your hydro plants need to thrive.

Add your nutrients directly to the water with our Hydro Growing System.
Pre-mix your nutrients before applying the solution when growing in a felt pot.

For best results, follow the feed chart on the Root Farm liquid nutrient bottles when mixing your nutrient solution. The amount of each nutrient that you add to the water will depend on the type of plant you’re growing and what growth stage it is in. For example, a mature tomato plant requires three tsp of Base Nutrient, mixed with two tsp of tomato and veggie supplement per gallon of water.

The Hydro Garden System can hold six gallons, so once it’s filled with fresh water we need to add eighteen teaspoons (or six tablespoons) of our Base Nutrient and twelve tsp (or four tbsp) of Tomato & Veggie Supplement directly to the water. If you’re using felt pots, mix your nutrients in a watering can or pitcher before applying it to the plant.

For water-based growing with the Root Farm Hydro Garden System, be sure to check the pH of the nutrient solution regularly, and keep it somewhere in between 5.5 and 6.5. Also remember to wear gloves whenever mixing or applying liquid nutrients or pH balancers.

That’s it for this article on mixing your hydro nutrient solution! Explore more videos, tips, and tricks at the Root Farm blog.