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Felt Garden Pots

Root Farm lightweight, breathable felt pots are designed for hydroponic gardening with soil-less growing mixes. and can be used indoors or out. Watch the video below to see them in action.

We ‘Felt’ That

Most people think that growing hydroponically means growing in water. Although water-based growing is one hydro method, you can also grow hydro using a felt pot, growing mix, and liquid nutrients. Using a hydro growing mix is usually easier for beginners, because it acts as a buffer against nutrient mishaps.  

To get started, you’ll need a Root Farm Felt Garden Pot. Felt pots are great for hydro gardening, because they are made of a breathable material which allows for better aeration and drainage than traditional pots.

Root Farm Felt Garden Pots come in three sizes to fit a wide range of plants. Our small felt pot is great for growing smaller plants like oregano or lettuce. You can grow medium plants like peppers, or a few small plants like swiss chard in our medium felt pot. For larger plants that need a little more space, like tomatoes or hydrangeas, you should use our large felt pot.

Maximize aeration and drainage with our flexible and durable felt pots.

Once you’ve decided which plants you want to grow and which felt pot to use, it’s time to choose a growing mix. For beginners, we recommend using Root Farm Hydro Garden Potting Mix because it comes pre‐loaded with organic and natural nutrients, to give your plants a jump start. 

Our Coco Coir Blend is great for growers who want to start from scratch and create their own super mix. This blend is completely inert, which means there are no nutrients present.

Jump start your felt pot growing with our Hydro Garden Potting Mix.
Our Coco Coir Blend is great for the more experienced grower.

First, Fill the felt pot with your growing mix of choice. Then transplant your seedlings or starter plants. Top it off with a little more growing mix around the sides to make sure your plants are secure.

Now it’s time to apply your nutrients. For your nutrient solution, mix water, Root Farm Base Nutrient (Part 1) and a Root Farm Supplement (Part 2) following the dosing directions on the base nutrient bottle. The supplement you use will depend on the plants you’re growing.

Once you’ve added both parts, mix your solution thoroughly and then slowly apply around the base of the plant, until it starts to drip out of the bottom of the pot. If you’re growing indoors or maybe on a patio, you’ll want to place a saucer under the pot to protect surfaces and catch any additional nutrients from spilling over.

Fill your felt pot with the hydro growing mix of your choice.
Transplant your seedlings and add extra growing mix to hold your plants in place.
Use a saucer under the pot to keep your nutrient solution contained.
Slowly apply your nutrient solution until it drips out the bottom of your pot.

Finally, make sure you have the right amount of light. If you’re growing outdoors you’ll want to choose a spot that gets around six to eight hours of direct sunlight. If you’re growing indoors, we recommend using a grow light.

That’s it for this article on growing with Felt Garden Pots! Explore more videos, tips, and tricks for growing hydro at the Root Farm blog.